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[11/9/2013 6:10:20 PM] Thuan Thi Do: . Another of the symbols used in the mysteries was the Thyrsus, a staff with a pine cone on its top: frequently it was said to be filled with fire. In India a bamboo with seven knots is used. The Thyrsus was magnetised by the priest and laid against the spinal column of the candidate, thus giving him some of the priest's magnetism and helping the candidate to pass in full consciousness to the astral plane. The fire symbolised kundalini. The Southern Buddhists enumerate five psychic powers which may be gained by the man who is making progress on the Path, (1) The ability to pass through the air and through solid objects, and to visit the heaven-world while still physically alive. This may perhaps mean nothing more than ability to function freely in the astral body, the heaven-world mentioned being perhaps merely the higher levels of the astral plane. (2) Divinely clear hearing, this is evidently [Page 257] the astral faculty of clairaudience. (2) The ability to comprehend and sympathise with all that is in the minds of others: this appears to be thought-reading, or telepathy. (4) The power to remember former births. This is clearly a faculty of the higher mental or causal body. (5) Divinely clear vision, i.e., clairvoyance. In some lists there is added also the deliverance by wisdom, which means the attainment of freedom from re-birth. This-is clearly a very high attainment and scarcely seems to belong to the same category as the other powers enumerated. [Page 258]
[11/9/2013 6:11:05 PM] Thuan Thi Do: CHAPTER 30 CONCLUSION
Although there are at present relatively few who possess direct, personal knowledge of the astral world, its life and its phenomena, yet there are many reasons for believing that this small group, of those who know these things from their own experience, is rapidly growing and is likely to be very largely increased in the near future. Psychic faculty, especially among children, is becoming less and less rare: as it gradually becomes accepted, and ceases to be regarded as unhealthy or “tabu”, it is likely to increase both in extent and in intensity. Thus, for example, books have recently been published, and widely read, dealing with nature-spirits, better known as fairies, and showing even photographs of these dainty creatures and their work in the economy of nature: whilst any open-minded enquirer will experience little difficulty in finding people, young and old, who frequently see fairies, at work and at play, as well as many other entities and phenomena of the astral world. Again, the enormous vogue of spiritualism has made the astral world and many of its phenomena objectively real and thoroughly familiar to many millions of persons in every part of the globe.
Physical science, with its ions and electrons, is on the threshold of the astral world, while the researches of Einstein and others are rapidly making acceptable the conception of the fourth dimension, which for so long has been familiar to students of the astral world. In the realm of psychology, modern analytical methods give promise of being able to reveal the true nature of, at any rate, the lower fraction of man's [Page 259] psychic mechanism, confirming, incidentally some of the statements and teachings put forward by ancient Eastern books and by Theosophists and occultists of today. Thus, for example, a well-known author of books on psychology and psycho-analysis, recently informed the present writer that in his view the “complex” was identical with the “skandhâra” of the Buddhist system, while another psychologist of worldwide repute told a friend of the present writer that his psychological — not psychic — researches had led him irresistibly to the fact of re-incarnation. These are some of the indications that the methods of orthodox Western science are leading to results identical with those which have for ages been common knowledge in certain parts of the East, and which have, during approximately the last half-century, been rediscovered by a small group of individuals who, guided by Eastern teachings, have developed within themselves the faculties necessary for the direct observation and investigation of the astral (as well as higher) worlds. It would be a platitude to remark that the acceptance by the world in general of the existence of the astral plane and its phenomena — which cannot be much longer deferred — will inevitably and immeasurably enlarge and deepen man's conception of himself and his own destiny, as well as revolutionise his attitude towards the outer world, including the other kingdoms of nature, physically visible and invisible. Once a man succeeds in establishing to his own satisfaction the reality of the astral world, he is compelled to re-orient himself, and to make for himself a new set of values for the factors which affect his life and determine his activities. Sooner or later, but inevitably, the broad conception that merely physical things play a very small part in the life of the human soul and spirit, and that man is essentially a spiritual being, unfolding his latent powers with the help of the various vehicles, physical, astral, and other, which from time to time he assumes — will [Page 260] displace all other viewpoints and lead men to a complete re-alignment of their lives. A realisation of his own true nature, of the fact that through life after life on earth, with interludes in other and subtler worlds, he is steadily evolving and becoming more and more spiritual, logically and inevitably leads man to see that, if and when he chooses, he may cease from dallying with life and with drifting on the broad current of the evolutionary stream, and may instead assume the helm of
his own life-voyage. From this point in the growth of his “awareness” of things, and of his own inherent possibilities, he will pass to the next stage, where he approaches the “ancient and narrow” Path, upon which he will find Those Who, outstripping Their fellows, have achieved the maximum possible in purely human development. These are They Who, eagerly, yet with limitless patience, wait for Their younger brothers to come out of the nursery of ordinary worldly life into Their higher life where, with Their guidance and assisted by Their compassion and power, man may rise to the stupendous heights of spirituality to which They have attained, and become in his turn a saviour and helper of mankind, thus speeding the mighty plan of evolution towards its goal.[Page 261
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[11/9/2013 6:59:45 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/truongbigiao/DaiCuongTiengVoThinh4.htm
[11/9/2013 7:17:22 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Sambhogakaya (Sanskrit) Sambhogakāya [from sambhoga enjoyment together, delightful participation + kāya body] Participation body; the second of the trikaya (three glorious vestures) of Buddhism, the highest being dharmakaya, and the lowest nirmanakaya. A buddha in the sambhogakaya state still retains his individual self-consciousness and sense of egoity, and is able to be conscious to a certain extent of the world of men and its griefs and sorrows, but has little power or impulse to render aid. See also TRIKAYA; TRISARANA; TRAILOKYA
[11/9/2013 7:19:48 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Dharmakaya (Sanskrit) Dharmakāya [from dharma law, continuance from the verbal root dhṛ to support, carry, continue + kāya body] Continuance-body, body of the law. One of the trikaya of Buddhism, which consists of 1) nirmanakaya, 2) sambhogakaya, and 3) dharmakaya. “It is that spiritual body or state of a high spiritual being in which the restricted sense of soulship and egoity has vanished into a universal (hierarchical) sense, and remains only in the seed, latent — if even so much. It is pure consciousness, pure bliss, pure intelligence, freed from all personalizing thought” (OG 38). In the dharmakaya vesture the initiate is on the threshold of nirvana or in the nirvanic state. Sometimes the dharmakaya is called the “nirvana without remains,” for once having reached that state the buddha or bodhisattva remains entirely outside of every earthly condition; he will return no more until the commencement of a new manvantara, for he has crossed the cycle of births. Dharmakaya state is that of parasamadhi, where no progress is possible — at least as long as the entity remains in it. Such entities may be said to be for the time being crystallized in purity and homogeneity. This is, likewise, one of the states of adi-buddha, and as such is called the mystic, universally diffused essence, the robe or vesture of luminous spirituality. See also TRIKAYA; TRISARANA
[11/9/2013 7:20:59 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Nirmanakaya (Sanskrit) Nirmāṇakāya [from nirmāṇa forming, creating + kāya body, robe, vehicle] Appearance body; the lowest of the trikaya, followed by sambhogakaya and dharmakaya. A state assumed by a bodhisattva who, instead of entering nirvana, remains on earth to help inferior beings. “A Nirmanakaya is a complete man possessing all the principles of his constitution except the Linga-sarira, and its accompanying physical body. He is one who lives on the plane of being next superior to the physical plane, and his purpose in so doing is to save men from themselves by being with them, and by continuously instilling thoughts of self-sacrifice, of self-forgetfulness, of spiritual and moral beauty, of mutual help, of compassion, and of pity” (OG 114). Beings in this state make a wall of protection around mankind, which shields humanity from evils.

There are two kinds of nirmanakayas: the natural is the condition of a high initiate who reaches a stage of bliss second only to nirvana; the assumed is the self-sacrifice of one who voluntarily gives up the absolute nirvana in order to help and guide humanity. The nirmanakaya, then,

“is that ethereal form which one would assume when leaving his physical he would appear in his astral body — having in addition all the knowledge of an Adept. The Bodhisattva develops it in himself as he proceeds on the Path. Having reached the goal and refused its fruition, he remains on Earth, as an Adept; and when he dies, instead of going into Nirvana, he remains in that glorious body he has woven for himself, invisible to uninitiated mankind, to watch over and protect it. . . . to be enabled to help humanity, an Adept who has won the right to Nirvana, ‘renounces the Dharmakaya body’ in mystic parlance; keeps, of the Sambhogakaya, only the great and complete knowledge, and remains in his Nirmanakaya body. The esoteric school teaches that Gautama Buddha with several of his Arhats is such a Nirmanakaya . . .” (VS 96-7).
[11/9/2013 7:48:40 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/English/ThePhachE.htm
[11/9/2013 7:58:36 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://huongclass.com/ebooks-cua-huongclass.html
[11/9/2013 8:00:38 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://huongclass.com/multi-dimensional-awareness/multi-dimensional-human/soul/1149-10-cac-v-thy-nhan-loi-mau-gi-.html
[11/9/2013 8:02:54 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Sơ đồ dưới thể hiện các cấp độ tiến hộ và các vị thầy của nhân loại trên Trái đất, trích từ cuốn sách Letters on Occult Meditations là các bài giảng của thầy D.K trao chuyền cho Alice Beiley từ đầu những năm 20. Nó tương ứng với thời kỳ chỉ có 7 tia màu trên Trái đất. Huongclass hiện chưa có sơ đồ cho 12 tia/cung.
[11/9/2013 8:04:18 PM] Thuan Thi Do: https://www.google.com/search?q=12+rays&rlz=1C1KMZB_enUS528US528&oq=12+rays&aqs=chrome..69i57j0l5.2595j0j8&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8
[11/9/2013 8:07:17 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://lifestationearth.com/14.html
[11/9/2013 8:08:09 PM] Thuan Thi Do: THE HIGHER RAYS

Per Dr. Joshua David Stone, "a divine dispensation of five higher rays were granted to this planet because of its impending movement into the fourth dimension and the New Age. They are a combination of the first seven rays with a touch of Source Light, or white Light, which gives them a luminous quality."

Ray No. 8 - Cleansing Ray. It helps to clean out those characteristics and qualities within the self that one no longer needs and wants to get rid of. It is composed of rays 4, 7, and 5 with a touch of white light mixed together - SEA-FOAM GREEN REPRESENTING A GREEN - VIOLET LUMINOSITY.

Ray No. 9 - Joy. Helps one to attract their full potentials by first with the Body of Light and also continues the cleansing process that the 8th Ray starts. it is composed of Rays 1, 2, and white light - BLUISH-GREEN LUMINOSITY.

Ray No. 10 - Allows all the changes a person has been seeking to bring it fully within themselves. Helps to code the patterns of Light formations within the body and access their true Divinity. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, and 3 mixed with white light - PEARLESCENT COLORED LUMINOSITY.

Ray No. 11 - Bridging of the New Age and helps one to be in touch with Divine, Love/Wisdom. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, 5, and white light - ORANGE-PINK LUMINOSITY.

Ray No. 12 - Golden Ray and anchoring of the Christ Consciousness - THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN. It is a combination of all the rays with white light - GOLDEN LUMINOSITY.

THE 22 RAYS OF GOD are now available for us to intuit and bring forth into our 5th dimensional physical body which assist us in changing the frequencies in preparation for the New Earth ~ Terra Christa.

More Information will be provided to help an individual to understand the entire process and be able to utilize them for their own personal acceleration along with working with other individuals in healing or counseling purposes.
[11/9/2013 8:14:31 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.vitability.com/id6.html
[11/9/2013 8:50:06 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.lucistrust.org:8081/obooks/?q=node%2F233
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