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[6:01:44 PM] *** Group call ***
[6:03:54 PM] Thuan Thi Do:
When the man is an Adept, all His karma is worked out ; the physical body is the nearest possible presentment of that glorified form. The Masters therefore will remain recognisable through any number of incarnations, so that one would not expect to see much difference in Their bodies, even though They might be of another race.

Prototypes of what bodies are to be like in the seventh Race have been seen, and they are described as transcendently beautiful.

Emphasis has often been laid on the period of seven years, in connection with the coming down of the ego to take full possession of the physical body. For this there is a physical reason. In the human embryo, there is a certain set of cells which do not, like other cells, go through the process of subdivision. This set of cells works its way up to the upper part of the embryo, but does not sub-divide: when the child is born, they are still separate and remain separate for a considerable period in the postnatal life. Changes, however, do occur within the cells, and they send out branches. These branches, after a time, meet the intervening dividing walls being absorbed, so that the cells are completely intercommunicating: thus is built a channel. The process occupies some seven years, until a fair network is formed, becoming more and more complicated later on.

Physiologists and psychologists point out that, until this complex network is made,the child cannot reason to any great extent,and he should not be given any mental process of complicated reasoning, which puts too great a strain upon him. Materialistic science affirms that, with the growth of this network, the power of reasoning grows. The occultist would explain the phenomenon, by saying, that as the physical mechanism is perfected, the power of reasoning which already exists in the ego, is able to manifest itself. The ego has to wait until the brain is ready for him to come into close touch with and permeate it.

It was stated above that during the descent of the ego to rebirth., there are drawn, round the permanent atoms, materials for the building of the new mental and astral bodies. If the young child is left entirely to himself, the automatic, action of the astral permanent atom will tend to produce for him an astral body, precisely similar to that which he had in the last life. There is, however, no reason whatever why all these materials should be used, and, if the child is wisely treated, and reasonably guided, he will be encouraged to develop to the fullest all the germs of good which he has brought over from his previous life, while the evil germs will be allowed to slumber. If that is done, these evil germs will gradually atrophy, and drop away from him, and the ego will unfold within himself the opposite virtues,and then he will be free, for all his future lives, from the evil qualities which these germs indicated.

Parents and teachers may help him towards this desirable consummation, not so much by any definite facts which they teach him, as by the encouragement which they give to him, by the rational and kindly treatment uniformly accorded to him, and, above all, by the amount of affection lavished upon him.

In The Astral Body and The Mental Body, in the chapters on Rebirth, we have already laid great stress on the immense services which may - and should be - rendered to an ego, by those who are responsible for his upbringing and training, so that it is unnecessary to repeat here what was said in those books.

We may, however, add that one who, instead of arousing love and good qualities in his charges, awakens in them evil qualities, such as fear, deceit, and the like, is hampering the progress of the egos concerned, and thus doing them serious positive harm. Misuse of such an opportunity involves a terrible fall for the man. In some cases, for example, cruelty of this nature may result in insanity, hysteria, or neurasthenia. In other cases, it results in a cataclysmic descent in the social scale, such as a brahman being reborn as a pariah, as a result of cruelty to children.

On the same principle, a man who, having wealth and power, uses his position to oppress his employees, generates very bad karma. The only aspect of the matter, which concerns the agents of karma, is that the man in such a position has in his hands an opportunity of being a helpful influence in the life of a number of people. He neglects or abuses such an opportunity at his own peril.
[6:13:21 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Chào mọi người, em là Nam, em rất vui được tham gia lắng nghe học hỏi các kiến thức MTTL ạ.
[6:15:33 PM] Phuc: Welcome
[6:20:51 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Các kiến thức này em đă nắm vững thông qua đọc sách rồi ạ.
[6:22:12 PM] Phuc: Ok den Phan GOP y Thi Noi nhe
[6:27:46 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Nam có micro khong ?
[6:28:01 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ em đang chỉnh micro ạ.
[6:28:07 PM] Thuan Thi Do: ok
[6:28:58 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Có lẽ bị micro em đang bị lỗi hay sao ấy ạ.
[6:29:25 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Nam đă đọc những cuốn sách nào rồi ?
[6:30:33 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ hầu hết các cuốn sách được public website của TTH ạ nhưng có 1 số cuốn em đọc được sâu và nhiều lần hơn, 1 số cuốn th́ đọc c̣n sơ sài
[6:30:51 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: em đọc lại nhiều lần các cuốn của thầy Bạch Liên và Đức Bà Annie Besant
[6:30:54 PM] Thuan Thi Do: vậy th́ giỏi quá
[6:32:04 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: các cuốn như Cách Tu Hành, Đạo Lư Thực Nghiệm, Thể Xác, Thể Phách, Thể Vía, Thể Trí, Thể Bồ Đề em có đọc nhiều lần và giới thiệu cho một số người khác cùng đọc.
[6:32:37 PM] Thuan Thi Do: có Thể Bồ Đề bằng tiếng Việt hay em đọc bằng tiếng Anh ?
[6:33:38 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Em đọc phần thể bồ đề của Đức Ngài C.W. Leadbeater ạ
[6:34:10 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ vâng ạ
[6:34:49 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ Micro của em đang bị lỗi cho em type tạm.
[6:35:02 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ vâng ạ.
[6:35:51 PM] Thuan Thi Do:



(Page 163) We come now to deal more specifically with the attitude which the ego takes up towards his incarnation in a personality.

Since the appointed method for the evolution of the latent qualities of the ego is by means of impacts from without, it is clearly necessary that the ego should descend far enough to enable him to meet such impacts as can affect him. The method of achieving this result is, as we know, that of reincarnation, the ego putting forth part of himself into the lower planes for the sake of the experience to be gained there, and then withdrawing back again into himself, bearing with him the results of his endeavour.

It must not be thought, however, that the ego makes any movement in space. It is rather that he endeavours to focus his consciousness at a lower level, to obtain an expression through a denser variety of matter.

This putting forth of part of himself into incarnation has often been compared with an investment. The ego expects, if all goes well, to reclaim not only the whole of his capital invested, but also a considerable amount of interest, and he usually obtains this. But, as with other investments, there is occasionally loss instead of gain; for it is possible that some portion of that which he puts down may become so entangled with the lower matter that it may be impossible wholly to reclaim it. With this "investment" aspect of reincarnation we shall deal in full detail in our next chapter.

The student will by now have fully realised that each stage of the descent of the ego into incarnation (Page 164) means submission to limitation: consequently no expression of the ego upon any of the lower planes can ever be a perfect expression. It is merely an indication of its qualities, just as a picture is a representation, on a two-dimensional surface, of a three dimensional scene. In exactly the same way the true quality, as it exists in the ego, cannot be expressed in matter of any lower level. The vibrations of the lower matter are altogether too dull and sluggish to represent it, the string is not sufficiently taut to enable it to respond to the note which resounds from above. It can however, be tuned to correspond with it in a lower octave, like a man's voice singing in unison with a boy's, expressing the same sound, as nearly as the capabilities of the inferior organism permit.

It is not possible in physical language to express exactly this matter of the descent of the ego; but until we are able to raise our own consciousness to those levels, and see exactly what takes place, the best impression we can have of it is perhaps the idea of the ego putting down part of himself, like a tongue of fire, into planes of matter grosser than his own.

The ego, belonging as he does to a higher plane, is a much greater and grander thing than any manifestation of him can be. His relation to his personalities is that of one dimension to another -that of a square to a line, or a cube to a square. No number of squares could ever make a cube, because the square has only two dimensions, while the cube has three. So no number of expressions on any lower plane can ever exhaust the fulness of the ego. Even if he could take a thousand personalities, he could still not sufficiently express all that he is. The most for which he can hope is that the personality will contain nothing which is not intended by the ego—that the personality will express as much of the ego as can be expressed in this lower world.

Whilst the ego may have but one physical body, for that is the law, he can ensoul any number of thought-forms which friends who love him may make of him, and he is only too pleased to have these additional opportunities of manifesting himself, as he is able, through those thought forms, to develop qualities in himself.

(Page 165) Just as in physical consciousness a man may be simultaneously conscious of many physical contacts, as well as of emotions, and of thoughts, without any confusion, so may the ego be simultaneously conscious and active through both his own personality, and also through any number of thought-forms which his friends may make of him.

The wise man thus recognises that the true man is the ego, not the personality, or the physical body, and he sees that it is the life of the ego only which is really of moment, and that everything connected with the body must unhesitatingly be subordinated to those higher interests. He recognises that this earth-life is given to him for purposes of progress, and that that progress is the one important thing. The real purpose of life is the unfoldment of his powers as an ego, the development of his character. He recognises that this development is in his own hands, and that the sooner it is perfected the happier, and more useful will he be.

Furthermore, he soon learns by experience that nothing can be really good for him, as an ego, or for any one, which his not good for all: in due time he thus learns to forget himself altogether, and to ask only what will be best for humanity as a whole.

The development of the ego is thus the object of the whole process of descent, into matter: the ego assumes veils of matter precisely because through them he is able to receive vibrations to which he can respond, so that his latent faculties may thereby be unfolded.

The whole object of the ego putting himself down is that he may become more definite, that all his vaguely beautiful feelings may crystallise into a definite resolution to act. All his incarnations form a process by means of which he may gain precision and definiteness.

(Page 166) Hence specialisation is his way of advancement. He comes down into each race or sub-race in order that he may acquire the qualities for the perfection of which that sub-race is working. The fragment of the ego which is put down is highly specialised. When a certain quality is developed, the ego absorbs it into himself in due course, and he does that over and over again. The personality scatters something of its special achievement over the whole , when it is withdrawn into the ego, so that the ego becomes a little less vague than before.
[6:36:37 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Dạ em có rất nhiều điều muốn chia sẻ nhưng để không làm gián đoạn buổi họp của mọi người em sẽ chờ đến phần sau lúc thích hợp em sẽ nói tiếp ạ.
[6:50:58 PM] Thuan Thi Do: em sửa micro nhé
[6:52:15 PM] Nguyen Pham Nam: Em vừa test lại nhưng chắc micro bị hỏng rồi ạ, chắc phải type thay cho nói tạm thôi ạ.
[7:13:26 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/sach/GLBT-NTH/GiaoLyBiTruyen-NTH_Page_180.jpg
[7:14:14 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/sach/GLBT-NTH/GiaoLyBiTruyen-NTH_Page_181.jpg
[7:22:11 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/sach/GLBT-NTH/GiaoLyBiTruyen-NTH_Page_182.jpg
[7:26:29 PM] Thuan Thi Do: ok
[7:30:06 PM] Thuan Thi Do: By “God, the Father,” the seventh principle in Man and Kosmos are here unmistakeably meant, this principle being inseparable in its Esse and Nature from the seventh Cosmic principle. In one sense it is the Logos of the Greeks and the Avalokiteswara of the esoteric Buddhists.
[7:30:38 PM] Thuan Thi Do: The celestial Ocean, the AEther . . . . is the Breath of the Father, the life-giving principle, the Mother, the Holy Spirit, . . . . for these are not separated, and their union is life.”
[7:30:56 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Nam có hiểu tiếng Anh chứ ?
[7:37:08 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://api.ning.com/files/aRHkhQbPnxcGzZlLhYgl1NPbb1QTaSTQ8TMs-4lXi40NDnyNLp86SRsYLQtoZslbE6maQHZVS4yq3xlnJ4-xQImgji3bbndS/leadbeaterlevels.gif
[7:37:54 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.interfaith.org/forum/attachments/belief-and-spirituality/353d1172122773-what-is-theosophy-meditation-chartb.gif
[7:48:08 PM] Phuc: Khg co mic a
[7:50:05 PM] Phuc: Vui long khg forword
[7:51:30 PM] Thuan Thi Do: lỡ forw rồi Phúc ơi
[7:53:18 PM] Phuc: CIA dum
[7:53:29 PM] Phuc: Xoa dum
[7:53:39 PM] Phuc: Chi goi file
[7:54:53 PM] Thuan Thi Do: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MTTL/conversations/messages
[7:56:01 PM] Thuan Thi Do: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MTTL/conversations/messages/4685
[8:04:32 PM] Phuc: Co Thuan nen xoa mail forward
[8:05:00 PM] Phuc: Cau Van co ve Việt Nam! ?
[8:14:50 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/sd/sd1-1-04.htm
[8:15:13 PM] Thuan Thi Do: tháng 2 cậu Vă sẽ về vài tuần
[8:27:05 PM] TrúcLâm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_6zD8bfifI&src_vid=12eX28k8Nd4&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_1130966693
[8:42:42 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://makara.us/02tcf/commentary/s1/fcfcomment_s1s1_html_f568fd.png
[8:46:38 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.interfaith.org/forum/attachments/alternative/416d1177599663-theosophical-hierarchy-img1031-1.gif
[9:00:42 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Cô xóa email rồi nha Phúc
[9:02:12 PM] Phuc: Cam on co Thuan
[9:02:38 PM] Phuc: Thang 2 ve thi bi nong
[9:03:19 PM] Phuc: Nhung co the nhieu nguoi ranh thoi gian hon
[9:23:26 PM] TrúcLâm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_6zD8bfifI&src_vid=12eX28k8Nd4&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_1130966693
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