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[6:18:22 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Whilst the natural forces will straighten out the distortion in due time, yet the Church provides for the work being done more speedily, for the power of straightening out this tangle in higher matter is one of those powers specifically conferred upon a priest at ordination. The co-operation of the man himself is, of course, also needed: for, "if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
[6:18:30 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://thongthienhoc.net/English/causal/images/Arthur_E_Powell_-_The_Causal_Body___The_Ego_img_44.jpg
[6:18:49 PM] Thuan Thi Do:
The effect of "absolution" is strictly limited to the correction of the distortion above described. It reopens certain channels, which have been to a large extent closed by evil thought or action; but it in no way counteracts the physical consequences of that action, nor does it obviate the necessity of restitution, where wrong has been done. The priest's action straightens out the etheric, astral and mental entanglement, produced by the wrong action, or rather by the mental attitude which

made that action possible; but it does not in any way relieve the man from the karmic penalty of his action. "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap".

One other item of information, regarding the work of the priest in the Holy Eucharist, may be mentioned. In making the three crosses, at "bless, approve, and ratify," over the offerings, the priest pushes his "tube" through the etheric, astral and lower mental matter respectively, and the two crosses made separately over the wafer and the chalice, carry the same tube, now in two branches, on through the higher mental into the plane above. ( Page 239 ) In doing this, he should use the forces of his own causal body, pressing his thought upward to the highest possible level.

Turning now to Freemasonry, we find that the three Principal Officers represent, tma., Buddhi and Manas in man , and that the three Assistant Officers represent the lower mind, the emotional nature or the astral body, and the etheric double: the O.G. or Tyler represents the physical body. As we are in this book concerned principally with the causal body, we may note especially, that the higher mind is represented by the J.W.

In the devas,nature-spirits and elementals associated with the J.W.,a golden hue predominates.

When the R.W.M creates ,receives and constitutes the candidate as an E.A.F., the three touches of the fs convey different aspects of power, corresponding to the three Aspects of Trinity, the first conveying strength to the brain, the second love to the heart, and the third executive ability to the right arm.

The general effect of this downpouring of force is to widen somewhat the channel of communication between the ego and the personality of the candidate.

The degree of E.A.F. corresponds to the sub-deacon in the Christian system.

At a similar point in the Second Degree ceremony, there is a more decided widening of the link between the ego and the personality, so that it is opened up as a definite channel for the downpouring of force. This channel the candidate can utilise with marked effect, if he sets himself to work upon it and through it.

In this Degree, there is a certain parallel between the Passing of a F.C and the ecclesiastical ordination to the diaconate. At the same time, a link is made between the candidate and the H.O.A. T.F, in those Lodges where He is acknowledged.

As in the case of the widening of consciousness, the link that is made is for the candidate to utilise as he pleases. It may be of greatest benefit to him; it may change the whole of his life, and enable him to ( Page 240 ) make rapid progress along the path that leads to Initiation. Or, on the other hand, if he entirely neglects it, it may make but very little difference to him.

The proving of the M.M. by the square and the compasses indicate that a M.M may be tested and known by the fact that both the higher self and the lower self are in working order, are functioning together and in harmony.

The M.M. is symbolical of the Initiate of the fourth degree, the Arhat. At that stage of attainment, on the occult path, the battle against the lower quaternary is practically over, and the latter has become an obedient instrument in the hands of the higher triad, which is awake and active in all its three parts.

The M.M. has to find the g..son the c: in other words, it is by finding in himself that deeper Self, which is the Monad, beyond even the higher triad, that the M.M. will at last discover the supreme secret of life, and will then find in very truth, by his own living experience, that he is, and always has been, one with God.

In earlier Degrees, the consciousness of the candidate had to be raised from the s to the c , that is, from the quadrilateral to the triangle, from the lower to the higher self. But now, as a M.M. it has to be raised from the triangle, to the point - as is clearly indicated by the W.T. - from the higher self to the Monad.

The Monad is now beginning to work his will in the higher self, as before the higher self worked his will in the lower. The s t represents the action of that Monad, as it turns upon a centre pin, and sends out a line from its own body as it spins the web of life, just as a spider spins its web from its own body.

The p marks that chosen path, or ray of the Monad,the line of life and work which the Arhat must discover, and on which he must specialise, in order to make rapid progress. And the c once more represent the triangle, the powers of the triple spirit, which he must use in his work.

The currents of etheric force, which flow through and ( Page 241 ) around the spine of every human being, are stimulated into activity, in Freemasonry, in order that the evolution of the candidate may be quickened. This stimulation is applied at the moment when the R.W.M. creates, receives and constitutes. In the First Degree, it affects Ida, the feminine aspect of the force, thus making it easier for the candidate to control passion and emotion. In the Second Degree, it is the Pingala, or masculine aspect, which is strengthened, in order to facilitate the control of mind. The Third Degree, the central energy itself ,the Sushumna, is aroused, thereby opening the way for the pure spirit from on high.

It is by passing up this channel of the Sushumna that a yogi leaves his physical body at will, in such a manner that he can retain full consciousness on higher planes, and bring back into his physical brain a clear memory of his experiences.

Ida is crimson in colour, Pingala is yellow and Sushumna is deep blue.

The stimulation of these nerves, and the forces which flow through them, is only a small part of the benefit conferred by the R.W.M.,when he wields the sword at the moment of admission. The widening of the connection between the individuality and the personality has already been mentioned, also the formation, of a link between certain principles of the candidate and the corresponding, vehicles of the H.O.A.T.F. The changes induced are somewhat of the same nature as those described on p.233 et seq.,but of less pronounced character.

Whilst these effects are real, unmistakable and universal, yet their result in the spiritual life of the candidate depends, of course, on himself.

The E.A. should , as a personality, be employed on organising his physical life for higher use; but at the same time, as an ago, he should be developing active intelligence in his causal body, exactly as does the pupil of a Master, who is preparing himself for Initiation.

In the same way, the F.C. is organising his emotional life, ( Page 242 ) while he unfolds intuitional love, in his buddhic body.

The M.M., while arranging his mental life down here, should, as an ego, be strengthening hisspiritual will, or tma.
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[7:07:45 PM] Thuan Thi Do: Most Reverend Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854-1934), 2nd Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church (1923-1934) http://stfrancislcc.bravehost.com/myPictures/Leadbeater.jpg
[7:10:14 PM] Thuan Thi Do: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Webster_Leadbeater
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