Họp Thông Thiên Học ngày 27 tháng 10 năm 2012

[10/27/2012 4:59:52 PM] *** Conference call ***

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[10/27/2012 5:44:40 PM] Van Atman: Planets Days Metals Parts of the Body Colours

Saturn Saturday Lead Right Ear, Knees and Bony Sytem Black *

Jupiter Thursday Tin Left Ear, Thighs, Feet and Arterial


Purple †

Mars Tuesday Iron Forehead and Nose, the Skull. Sexfunction

and Muscular Sytem


Sun Sunday Gold Right Eye, Heart and Vital Centres Orange ‡

Venus Friday Copper Chin and Cheeks, Neck and Reins

and the Venous Sytem

Yellow §

Mercury Wednesday Quicksilver Mouth, Hands, Abdominal Viscera and

Nervous System

Dove or


Moon Monday Silver Breasts, Left Eye, the Fluidic Sytem,

Saliva, Lymph, etc.


* [Esoterically, green, there being no black in the prismatic ray.]