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[11/24/2012 5:42:17 AM] Van Atman: PAPER II

An Explanation - (Page 455) IN view of the abstruse nature of the subjects dealt with, the present Paper

will begin with an explanation of some points which remained obscure in the preceding one, as well as of

some statements in which there was an appearance of contradiction.

Astrologers, of whom there are many among the Esotericists, are likely to be puzzled by some statements distinctly contradicting their teachings; whilst those who know nothing of the subject may perhaps find themselves opposed at the outset by those who have studied the exoteric systems of the Kabalah and Astrology. For let it be distinctly known, nothing of that which is printed broadcast, and available to every student in public libraries or museums, is really Esoteric, but is either mixed with deliberate blinds, or cannot be understood and studied with profit without a complete glossary of Occult terms.

The following teachings and explanations, therefore, may be useful to the student in assisting him to formulate the teaching given in the preceding Paper.

In Diagram I, it will be observed that the 3, 7, and 10 centres are respectively as follows:

(angel) The 3 pertain to the spiritual world of the Absolute, and therefore to the three higher principles in Man.

(beer) The 7 belong to the spiritual, psychic, and physical worlds and to the body of man. Physics, metaphysics and hyper-physics are the triad that symbolizes man on this plane.

(coffee) The 10, or the sum total of these, is the Universe as a whole, in all its aspects, and also its Microcosm Man, with his ten orifices.

Laying aside, for the moment, the Higher Decad (Kosmos) and the (Page 456) Lower Decad (Man), the first three numbers of the separate sevens have a direct reference to the Spirit, Soul and Auric Envelope of the human being, as well as to the higher supersensual world. The lower four, or the four aspects, belong to Man also, as well as to the Universal Kosmos, the whole being synthesized by the Absolute.

If these three discrete or distributive degrees of Being be conceived, according to the Symbology of the Eastern Religions, as contained in one Ovum, or EGG, the name of that EGG will be Svabhvat, or the ALL-BEING on the manifested plane. This Universe has, in truth, neither centre nor periphery; but in the individual and finite mind of man it has such a definition, the natural consequence of the limitations of human thought.

In Diagram II, as already stated therein, no notice need be taken of the numbers used in the left-hand column, as these refer only to the Hierarchies of the Colours and Sounds on the metaphysical plane, and are not the characteristic numbers of the human principles or of the planets. The human principles elude enumeration, because each man differs from every other, just as no two blades of grass on the whole earth are absolutely alike. Numbering is here a question of spiritual progress and the natural predominance of one principle over another. With one man it may be Buddhi that stands as number one; with another, if he be a bestial sensualist, the Lower Manas. With one the physical body, or perhaps  Prna, the life principle, will be on the first and highest plane, as would be the case in an extremely  healthy man, full of vitality; with another it may come as the sixth or even seventh downward. Again, the colours and metals corresponding to the planets and human principles, as will be observed, are not those known exoterically to modern Astrologers and Western Occultists.

Let us see whence the modern Astrologer got his notions about the correspondence of planets, metals and colours. And here we are reminded of the modern Orientalist, who, judging by appearances credits the ancient Akkadians (and also the Chaldans, Hindus and Egyptians) with the crude notion that the Universe, and in like manner the earth, was like an inverted, bell-shaped bowl! This he demonstrates by pointing to the symbolical representations of some Akkadian inscriptions and to the Assyrian carvings. It is, however, no place here to explain how mistaken is the Assyriologist, for all such representations are simply symbolical of the Khargakkurra, the World-Mountain, or Meru, and relate only to the North Pole, the Land of the Gods.

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[11/24/2012 6:45:26 AM] Thuan Thi Do: SAO TOI NOI MA KHONG CO AI NGHE GI HET

[11/24/2012 6:46:19 AM] minh546melinh nguyen: chị kiểm tra lại đường cắm mc hoặc mc trong my tnh bị mut

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[11/24/2012 6:49:36 AM] Van Atman: Chi dung alternate+control+delete de dong lai

[11/24/2012 6:53:33 AM] Thuan Thi Do: tai sao toi noi no nghe r ở loa m khong ai nghe thay ?

[11/24/2012 6:53:57 AM] Thuan Thi Do: toi cung khong co mute micro trong skype

[11/24/2012 6:54:37 AM] Thuan Thi Do: hom nay toi dau lung nen nam trong giuong nen dung cai computer mới chưa dng skype lan nao

[11/24/2012 6:55:45 AM] Van Atman: chi nen update voi latest skype version

[11/24/2012 6:56:08 AM] Thuan Thi Do: vua update roi

[11/24/2012 6:56:18 AM] Thuan Thi Do: skype 10

[11/24/2012 6:56:51 AM] Thuan Thi Do: hoi nay toi thau audio bang micro nay rat tot , bang cool edit pro

[11/24/2012 6:57:03 AM] Thuan Thi Do: chang hieu tai sao no khong di qua skype

[11/24/2012 6:57:45 AM] Thuan Thi Do: thoi hom nay toi danh du thinh vay; vi toi cung khong ngoi duoc lau; bi cụp xuong song

[11/24/2012 6:57:48 AM] Van Atman: Chi nen di vao set up hoac test thu xem sao

[11/24/2012 6:57:56 AM] Thuan Thi Do: ok

[11/24/2012 7:12:30 AM] Thuan Thi Do: The etheric body disintegrates few days after death and the person is left with ...

[11/24/2012 7:12:51 AM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.einterface.net/gamini/life.html

[11/24/2012 7:14:15 AM] Thuan Thi Do:  

At the time of death the astral body with the etheric, the mental and the causal bodies separate from the gross physical body. The etheric body disintegrates few days after death and the person is left with the astral body and the other two subtle bodies, the mental and the causal body. The astral body resembles the physical body in appearance and people can feel more alive when dead than when they were still living.

[11/24/2012 7:29:40 AM] TrcLm: Xin cho cả nh mnh

[11/24/2012 8:10:58 AM] Thuan Thi Do: After death when the physical body dies, his other bodies are still 'alive'. Each one of them (with the exception of the causal body) will go through their own process of passing away (or 'dying') before the soul returns back home and then is later reborn again with a new mental/astral/etheric and of course physical body in a new incarnation. The only exception is the causal body, this specific vehicle of the soul does not die and the same one is used through out the many (could be thousands) of lifetimes of the soul on earth. The causal body does 'die' at the fourth Initiation and is no longer needed after that (usually only one more life is required after the fourth initiation).

 During life there is always a 'silver chord' that connects the astral body to the physical. This chord can stretch pretty far, so the astral travels can be quite extensive. At physical death this chord is broken and the astral body can consciously separate from the physical and then from the etheric body.  

Each physical object (animate or inanimate) also has its etheric counter part, so the etheric world is a duplicate counter part of the gross physical world. When the physical body dies, the etheric body also does not survive and dies soon afterwards (at most after a couple of days) - the sooner it does, the better for the person.


[11/24/2012 8:30:51 AM] huyen dong: Anh Hai lẫn lộn giữa hai vấn đề khc nhau: "an sit?" (ci đ c hay khng?) v "quid sit" (ci đ thế no?)

[11/24/2012 8:36:41 AM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.hermetics.org/pdf/Alice_A._Bailey_-_Telepathy_and_the_Etheric_Vehicle.pdf

[11/24/2012 8:37:33 AM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.light-weaver.com/fire/fire1040.html

[11/24/2012 8:38:59 AM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCA203FB3CB9D7CA0

[11/24/2012 8:44:58 AM] TrcLm: Xin pht biểu một cht về Thần nhn cho ph hợp với giờ thảo luận tự do của qu anh chị

[11/24/2012 8:45:19 AM] Thuan Thi Do: http://www.golden-dawn.com/eu/UserFiles/en/File/pdf/Initiation_Human_and_Solar_Alice_Bailey.pdf

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