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[6:03:37 PM] *** Group call ***
[6:06:38 PM] Thuan Thi Do:
In the more highly evolved, the vision is far-reaching: it ranges with clear insight over the past, recognising the causes set up, their working out, and what remains of their effects still unexhausted.

Egos living on this plane, have wide opportunities for growth when freed from the physical body, for here they may receive instruction from more advanced entities, coming into direct touch with their teachers. No longer by thought pictures, but by a flashing luminousness impossible to describe, the very essence of the idea flies like a star from one ego to another, its correlations expressing themselves as light waves pouring out from the central star, and needing no separate enunciation. A thought here is like a light placed, in a room: it shows all things round it, but requires no words to describe, them.

In this, the Sixth Heaven, a man sees also the vast treasures of the Divine Mind in creative activity, and can study the archetypes of all the forms that are being gradually evolved in the lower worlds. He may unravel the problems, connected with the working out of those archetypes, the partial good that seems as evil to the limited vision of men encased in flesh. In the wider outlook of this level, phenomena assume their due relative proportions, and a man sees the justification of the divine ways, so far as they are concerned with the evolution of the lower worlds.
[6:07:58 PM] Thuan Thi Do: CHAPTER XXI


This most glorious level of the heaven-world, has but few denizens as yet from our humanity, for on its heights dwell none but the Masters of Wisdom and Compassion, and Their Initiated pupils.

In one of the earlier letters, received from a Master, it was stated that to comprehend the condition of the First and Second Elemental Kingdoms. i.e.,those on the causal and lower mental planes - was impossible except to an Initiate: hence we cannot expect success in attempting to describe them on the physical plane.

Of the beauty of form, and colour, and sound, on the causal plane, no words can speak, for mortal language has no terms in which those radiant splendours may find expression.

In touching the seventh heaven, we come in contact for the first time with a plane which is cosmic in its extent: for this, the atomic part of our mental plane, is the lowest sub-plane of the mental body of the Planetary Logos. On this level, therefore,may be met many an entity which mere human language has no words to portray. For our present purposes, however, it will be best to put aside altogether those vast hosts of beings whose range is cosmic, and confine ourselves strictly to the inhabitants peculiar to the mental plane of our Chain of Worlds.

Those who are on this sub-plane have accomplished the mental evolution, so that in them the higher shines out ever through the lower. From their eyes the illusion-veil of personality has been lifted, and they know and realise that they are not the lower nature, but use it only as a vehicle of experience.

In the less evolved of them, it may yet have power to shackle and to hamper, but they can never fall into the blunder of confusing the vehicle with the self behind it. From this they are saved, because they carry their consciousness not only from day to day, but from one incarnation to another,so that past lives are not so much looked back upon, as always present in the consciousness, the man feeling them as one life, rather than as many lives.

On this sub-plane, the ego is conscious of the lower heaven-world, as well as of his own. If he has there any manifestations, as a thought form, in the heaven-life of his friends, he can make the fullest use of them.

On the third sub-plane, and even in the lower part of the second, his consciousness of the sub-planes below him was still dim, and his action in the thought form largely instinctive and automatic. But as soon as he got well into the second sub-plane, his vision rapidly became clearer, and he recognised the thought-forms, with pleasure, as vehicles through which he was able to express more of himself, in certain ways, than he could do through his personality.

Now that the is functioning in the causal body, amidst the magnificent light and splendour of the highest heaven, his consciousness is instantaneously and perfectly active at any point in the lower divisions to which he wills to direct it, and he can, therefore, intentionally project additional energy into such a thought-form,when he wishes to use it for the purpose of teaching. From this highest level of the mental plane come down most of the influences, poured out by the Masters of Wisdom, as They work for the evolution of the human race, acting directly on the souls, or egos, of men, shedding upon them the inspiring energies which stimulate spiritual growth, which enlighten the intellect, and purify the emotions.

From here genius receives its illumination: here all upward efforts find their guidance. As the sun–rays fall everywhere from one centre, and each body that receives them uses them after its nature, so from the Elder Brothers of the race fall on all men the light and life which it is Their function to dispense. Each uses as much as he can assimilate, and thereby grows and evolves. Thus as everywhere else, the highest glory of the heaven-world is found in the glory of service, and they who have accomplished the mental evolution are the fountains, from which flows strength for those who are still climbing.

On the three higher levels of the mental plane are to be found the hosts of arupa or formless devas, who possess no body denser than the causal. The nature of their life appears to be so essentially different from the life we lead as to make it impossible to describe in physical words.

Arupa devas are connected with the guidance of the worlds, of races, of nations.

There is also a very limited class of men, conscious on the arupa levels of the mental plane, who have been "sorcerers" in the past. In them the higher intellect is awakened, and with it the intellectual recognition of unity. They now perceive that they have been on the wrong path, that it is not possible to hold back the world, and prevent it from climbing on the upward arc. Being still tied by the karma they have made, they have to work on the wrong side that is, on the side of disintegration. But they work with a changed motive, and endeavour to turn their forces against those men who are in need of being strengthened by having to struggle against resistance in their spiritual life. This truth appears to have been perceived by Marie Corelli who dealt with the point in her book The Sorrows of Satan. The Satan there described is always glad when he is defeated: he exerts himself to oppose, but rejoices when a man proves himself spiritual enough to resist.

This side of life is recognised also in the Hindu Puranas. There are cases in which a man has evolved to a very high point of knowledge, and then incarnates to expiate some of his past karma, in the form of an opponent of good, like Ravanna. By his past karma he is compelled to gather up in himself the evil forces of the world, in order that they may be destroyed. Other religions have the same idea in different forms.

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[7:22:54 PM] Thuan Thi Do: 4. Her heart had not yet opened for the one ray to enter, thence to fall as three into four in the lap of Maya (angel).

(angel) The Primordial Substance had not yet passed out of its precosmic latency into differentiated objectivity, or even become the (to man, so far,) invisible Protyle of Science. But, as the hour strikes and it becomes receptive of the Fohatic impress of the Divine Thought (the Logos, or the male aspect of the Anima Mundi, Alaya) — its heart opens. It differentiates, and the three (Father, Mother, Son) are transformed into four. Herein lies the origin of the double mystery of the Trinity and the immaculate Conception. The first and Fundamental dogma of Occultism is Universal Unity (or Homogeneity) under three aspects. This led to a possible conception of Deity, which as an absolute unity must remain forever incomprehensible to finite intellects. “If thou wouldest believe in the Power which acts within the root of a plant, or imagine the root concealed under the soil, thou hast to think of its stalk or trunk and of its leaves and flowers. Thou canst not imagine that Power independently of these objects. Life can be known only by the Tree of Life. . . .” (Precepts for Yoga). The idea of Absolute Unity

would be broken entirely in our conception, had we not something concrete before our eyes to contain that Unity. And the deity being absolute, must be omnipresent, hence not an atom but contains IT within itself. The roots, the trunk and its many branches are three distinct objects, yet they are one tree. Say the Kabalists: “The Deity is one, because It is infinite. It is triple, because it is ever manifesting.” This manifestation is triple in its aspects, for it requires, as Aristotle has it, three principles for every natural body to become objective: privation, form, and matter.* Privation meant in the mind of the great philosopher that which the Occultists call the prototypes impressed in the Astral Light — the lowest plane and world of Anima Mundi. The union of these three principles depends upon a fourth — the life which radiates from the summits of the Unreachable, to become an universally diffused Essence on the manifested planes of Existence. And this quaternary (Father, Mother, Son, as a unity, and a quaternary, as a living manifestation) has been the means of leading to the very archaic Idea of Immaculate Conception, now finally crystallized into a dogma of the Christian Church, which carnalized this metaphysical idea beyond any common sense. For one has but to read the Kabala and study its numerical methods of interpretation to find the origin of that dogma. It is purely astronomical, mathematical, and pre-eminently metaphysical: the Male element in Nature (personified by the male deities and Logoi — Viraj, or Brahma; Horus, or Osiris, etc., etc.) is born through, not from, an immaculate source, personified by the “Mother”; because that Male having a Mother cannot have a “Father” — the abstract Deity being sexless, and not even a Being but Be-ness, or Life itself. Let us render this in the mathematical language of the author of “The Source of Measures.” Speaking of the “Measure of a Man” and his numerical (Kabalistic) value, he writes that in Genesis, ch. iv., v. 1, “It is called the ‘Man even Jehovah’

Footnote(s) ———————————————
* A Vedantin of the Visishtadwaita philosophy would say that, though the only independent Reality, Parabrahmam is inseparable from his trinity. That He is three, “Parabrahmam, Chit, and Achit,” the last two being dependent realities unable to exist separately; or, to make it clearer, Parabrahmam is the substance — changeless, eternal, and incognizable — and Chit (Atma), and Achit (Anatma) are its qualities, as form and colour are the qualities of any object. The two are the garment, or body, or rather attribute (Sarira) of Parabrahmam. But an Occultist would find much to say against this claim, and so would the Adwaitee Vedantin.

Measure, and this is obtained in this way, viz.: 113 x 5 = 565, and the value 565 can be placed under the form of expression 56.5 x 10 = 565. Here the Man-number 113 becomes a factor of 56.5 x 10, and the (Kabalistic) reading of this last numbered expression is Jod, He, Vau, He, or Jehovah. . . . The expansion of 565 into 56.5 x 10 is purposed to show the emanation of the male (Jod) from the female (Eva) principle; or, so to speak, the birth of a male element from an immaculate source, in other words, an immaculate conception.”

Thus is repeated on Earth the mystery enacted, according to the Seers, on the divine plane. The “Son” of the immaculate Celestial Virgin (or the undifferentiated cosmic protyle, Matter in its infinitude) is born again on Earth as the Son of the terrestrial Eve — our mother Earth, and becomes Humanity as a total — past, present, and future — for Jehovah or Jod-he-vau-he is androgyne, or both male and female. Above, the Son is the whole Kosmos; below, he is Mankind. The triad or triangle becomes Tetraktis, the Sacred Pythagorean number, the perfect Square, and a 6-faced cube on Earth. The Macroprosopus (the Great Face) is now Microprosopus (the lesser face); or, as the Kabalists have it, the “Ancient of Days,” descending on Adam Kadmon whom he uses as his vehicle to manifest through, gets transformed into Tetragrammaton. It is now in the “Lap of Maya,” the Great Illusion, and between itself and the Reality has the Astral Light, the great Deceiver of man’s limited senses, unless Knowledge through Paramarthasatya comes to the rescue.

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