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1- Atmā, or Jiva, "the One Life", which permeates the Monadic Trio. (One in three and three in One)

1- Prāna, the Breath of Life, the same as Nephesh. At the death of a livinb being, Prāna re-becomes Jiva *

2- Auric envelope; because the substratum of 2- Linga Sharira, the Astral Form, the transitory the Aura around man is the universally emanation of the Auric Egg. This form precedes diffused primordial and pure Akāsha, the first the formation of the living Body, and after death film on the boundless and shoreless expanse clings to it, dissipating only with the of Jiva, the immutable Root of all disappearance of its last atom (the skeleton excepted).  

3- Buddhi; for Buddhi is a ray of the Universal Spiritual Soul (ALAYA) 3- Lower Manas, the Animal Soul, the reflection or shadow of the Buddhi-Manas, having the potentialities of both, but conquered generally by its association with the Kāma elements.

4- Manas (the Higher Ego); for it proceeds from Mahat, the first product or emanation of Pradhāna, which contains potentially all the Gunas (attributes). Mahat is Cosmic Intelligence, called the "Great Principle". [Remember that our reincanating Egos are called the Mānasaputras, "Sons of Manas" (or Mahat), Intelligence, Wisdom ]

* - Prāna, on earth at any rate, is thus but a mode of life, a constant cyclic motion from within outwardly and back again, an out-breathing and in-breathing of the One Life, or Jiva, the synonym of the Absolute and Unknowable Deity. Prāna is not absolute life, or Jiva, but its aspect in a world of delusion. In the Theosophist, May 1888, page 478, Prāna is said to be "one stage finer than the gross matter of the earth."

As the lower man is the combined product of two aspects—physically, of his Astral Form, and psychophysiologically of Kāma-Manas—he is not looked upon even as an aspect, but as an illusion.

The Auric Egg, on account of its nature and manifold functions, has to be well studied. As Hiranyagarbha, the Golden Womb or Egg, contains Brahmā, the collective symbol of the Seven Universal Forces, so the Auric Egg contains, and is directly related to, both the divine and the physical man. In its essence, as said, it is eternal; in its constant correlations and transformations, during the reincarnating progress of the Ego on this earth, it is a kind of perpetual motion machine.

As given out in our second volume, the Egos or Kumāras, incarnating in man, at the end of the Third Root-Race, are not human Egos of this earth or plane, but become such only from the moment they ensoul the Animal Man, thus endowing him with his Higher Mind. Each is a “Breath” or Principle, called the Human Soul, or Manas, the Mind. As the teachings say:

“Each is a pillar of light. Having chosen its vehicle, it expanded, surrounding with an Ćkāshic Aura the human animal, while the Divine (Mānasic) Principle settled within that human form.”

Ancient Wisdom teaches us, moreover, that from this first incarnation, the Lunar Pitris, who had made men out of their Chhāyās or Shadows, are absorbed by this Auric Essence, and a distinct Astral Form is now produced for each forthcoming personality of the reincarnating series of each Ego.

The Auric Egg (Page 495) Thus the Auric Egg, reflecting all the thoughts, words and deeds of man is:

(angel) The preserver of every Karmic record.

(beer) The storehouse of all the good and evil powers in man, receiving and giving out at his will—nay, at his very thought—every potentiality which becomes, then and there, an acting potency: this Aura is the mirror in which sensitives and clairvoyants sense and perceive the real man, and see him as he is, not as he appears.

(coffee) As it furnished man with his Astral Form, around which the physical entity models itself, first as a foetus, then as a child and man, the astral growing apace with the human being, so it furnishes him during life, if an Adept, with his Māyāvic Rūpa, or Illusion Body, which is not his Vital-Astral Body; and after death, with his Devachanic Entity and Kāma Rūpa, or Body of Desire (the Spook). [It is erroneous to call the fourth human principle “Kāma Rūpa.” It is no Rūpa” or form at all until after death, but stands for the Kāmic elements in man, his animal desires and passions, such as anger, lust, envy, revenge, etc., the progeny of selfishness and matter.]  

In the case of the Devachanic Entity, the Ego, in order to be able to go into a state of bliss, as the “I” of its immediately preceding incarnation, has to be clothed (metaphorically speaking) with the spiritual elements of the ideas, aspirations and thoughts of the now disembodied personality; otherwise what is it that enjoys bliss and reward? Surely not the impersonal Ego, the Divine Individuality. Therefore it must be the good Karmic records of the deceased, impressed upon the Auric Substance, which furnish the Human Soul with just enough of the spiritual elements of the ex-personality, to enable it to still believe itself that body from which it has just been severed, and to receive its fruition, during a more or less prolonged period of “spiritual gestation.” For Devachan is a “spiritual gestation” within an ideal matrix state, a birth of the Ego into the world of effects, which ideal, subjective birth precedes its next terrestrial birth, the latter being determined by its bad Karma, into the world of causes.[Here the world of effects is the Devachanic state, and the world of causes, earth life.]

In the case of the Spook, the Kāma Rūpa is furnished from the animal dregs of the Auric Envelope, with its daily Karmic record of animal life, so full of animal desires and selfish aspirations. [It is this Kāma Rūpa alone that can materialize in mediumistic séances, which occasionally happens when it is not the Astral Double or Linga Sharīra, of the medium himself which appears. How, then, can this vile bundle of passions and terrestrial lusts, resurrected by, and gaining consciousness only through the organism of the medium, be accepted as a “departed angel” or the Spirit of a once human body? As well say of the microbic pest which fastens on a person, that it is a sweet departed angel.]

(Page 496) Now the Linga Sharira remains with the Physical Body, and fades out along with it. An astral entity then has to be created, a new Linga Sharīra provided, to become the bearer of all the past Tanhas and future Karma. How is this accomplished? The mediumistic Spook, the “departed angel,” fades out and vanishes also in its turn [This is accomplished in more or less time, according to the degree in which the personality (whose dregs it now is) was spiritual or material. If spirituality prevailed, then the Larva, or Spook, will fade out very soon; but if the personality was very materialistic, the Kāma Rūpa may last for centuries and—in some, though very exceptional cases—even survive with the help of some of its scattered Skandhas, which are all transformed in time into Elementals. See the Key to Theosophy, pp. 141 et seq., in which it was impossible to go into details, but where the Skandhas are spoken.] as an entity or full image of the personality that was, and leaves in the Kāmalokic world of effects only the record of its misdeeds and sinful thoughts and acts, known in the phraseology of Occultists as Tānhic or human Elementals. Entering into the composition of the Astral Form of the new body, into which the Ego, upon its quitting the Devachanic state, is to enter according to Karmic decree, the Elementals form that new astral entity which is born within the Auric Envelope, and of..

[8/18/2012 6:43:22 PM] Van Atman: 1. Embryo. 2. Amniotic Fluid, immediately surrounding the Embryo. 3. Amnion, a membrane derived from the Foetus, which contains the fluid. 4. Umbilical l’esicle, which serves to convey nourishment originally to the Embryo and to nourish it.

Seven Correspondential Contents - (Page 441) 5. Allantois, a protrusion from the Embryo in the form of a closed bag, which spreads itself between 3 and 7, in the midst of 6, and which, after being specialized into the Placenta, serves to conduct nourishment to the Embryo. 6. Interspace between 3 and 7 (the Amnion and Chorion), filled with an albuminous fluid. 7. Chorion, or outer layer.

Now, each of these seven contents severally corresponds with, and is formed after, an antetype, one on each of the seven planes of being with which in their turn correspond the seven states of Matter and all other forces, sensational or functional, in Nature.

(Page 442) The following is a bird’s-eye view of the seven correspondential contents of the wombs of Nature and of Woman. We may contrast them thus: Cosmic Process (Upper Pole) Human Process (Lower Pole)

1 The mathematical Point, called the "Cosmic See", the Monad of Leibnix; which contians the whole Universe, as the acorn the oak. This is the first bubble on the surface of boundless homogeneous Substance, or Space, the buble of differentiation in its incipient stage. It is the beginning of the Orphic or Brahmā's Egg. It corresponds in The terrestrial Embryo, which contains in it the future man with all his potentialities. In the series of principles of the human system it is the Atman, or the super-spiritual principle, just as in the physical Solar System it is the Sun Astrology and Astronomy to the Sun

2 The vis vitae of our solar system exudes from the Sun. (angel) It is called, when referred to the higher planes, Akāsha

(beer) It proceeds from the ten "divinities" the ten numbers of the Sun, which is itself the "Perfect Number". These are called Dis - in reality Space - the forces spread in Space, three of which are contained in the Sun's Atman, or seventh principle, and seven are the rays shot out by the Sun.

The Amniotic Fluid exudes from the Embryo. (angel) It is called, on the plane of matter, Prāna [ Prāna is in reality the universal Life Principle.]

(beer) It proceeds, taking its source in the universal One Life, from the heart of man and Buddhi, over which the Seven Solar Rays (Gods) preside.

3 The Ether of Space, which, in its external aspect, is the plastic crust which is supposed to envelope the Sun. On the higher plane it is the whole Universe, as the third differentiation of evolving Substance, Mulaprakriti becoming Prakriti. (angel) It corresponds mystically to the manifested Mahat, or the Intellect or Soul of the World

The Amnion, the membrane containing the Amniotic Frluid and enveloping the Embryo. After the birth of man it becomes the third layer, so to say, of his magneto-vital aura. (angel) Manas, the third principle (counting from above), or the Human Soul in Man.

4 The sidereal contents of Ether, the substantial parts of it, unknown to Modern Science, represented:

(angel) In Occult and Kabalistic Mysteries, by Elementals.

(beer) In physical Astronomy, by meteors,comets, and all kinds of casual and phenomenal cosmic bodies Umbilical Vesicle, serving, as Science teaches, to nourish the Embryo originally, but, as Occult Science avers, to carry to the Foetus by osmosis the cosmic influences extraneous to the mother.

(angel) In the grown man these become the feeders of Kāma, over which they preside. (beer) In the physical man, his passions and emotions, the moral meteors and comets of human nature.

5 Life currents in Ether, having their origin in the Sun: the canals through which the vital principle of that Ether (the blood of the Cosmic Body) passes to nourish everything on the Earth and on the other Planets: from the minerals, which are thus made to grow and become specialized, from the plants, which are thus fed, to animal and man, to whom life is thus imparted.

The Allantois, a protrusion from the Embryo, which spreads itself between the Amnion and Chorion; it is supposed to conduct the nourishment from the mother to the Embryo. It corresponds to the life-principle, Prāna or Jīva.

6 The double radiation, psychic and physical, which radiates from the Cosmic Seed and expands around the whole Kosmos, as well as around the Solar System and every Planet. In Occultism it is called the upper divine, and the lower material, Astral Light.

The Allantois is divided into two layers. The inter space between the Amnion and the Chorion contains the Allantois and also an albuminous fluid. [All the uterine contents, having a direct spiritual connnection with their cosmic antetypes, are, on the physical plane, potent objects in Black Magic, and are therefore considered unclean.]

7 The outer crust of every sidereal body, the Shell of the Mundane Egg, or the sphere of The Chorion, or the Zona Pellucida, the globular object called Blastodermic Vesicle, the our Solar System, of our Earth, and of every man and animal. In sidereal space, Ether proper; on the terrestrial plane, Air, which again is built in seven layers.

(angel) The primordial potential world-stuff becomes (for the Manvantaric period) the permanent globe or globes.

outer and the inner layers of the membrane of which go to form the physical man. The outer, or ectoderm, forms his epidermis; the inner, or endoderm, his muscles, bones, etc.. Man's skin, again, is composed of seven layers. (angel) The "primitive" becomes the "permanent" Chorion.

Correspondence Between Races and Man - (Page 443) Even in the evolution of the Races we see the same order as in Nature and Man. [See supra, ii. Part I.] Placental animalman became such only after the separation of sexes in the Third Root-Race. In the physiological evolution, the placenta is fully formed and functional only after the third month of uterine life.  

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